The Mystery Massage Client Files

Happy Time Massage Parlour

Inside Love Teen Massage:

Love Teen Massage, the name of the place conjours up images of dreamy, alluring girls just entering their twenty’s.
From the outside it’s located right alongside another suggestively names massage parlour called Dream Massage.
I checked out the place briefly before settling on Love Teen Massage.
From the outside the substantial pink signs display the services on offer.  The interior is shielded by tinted glass, screening those inside from view, in fact as I’m noticing this the door opens and a fairly nice-looking girl from inside opens the door slightly and calls out ‘You want massage sir?’ in an alluring voice.
They certainly want business.  I go inside. 

The reception area is where an aged and worn-looking mamasan commands the place.  I take a seat against the wall and notice that there’s plenty of reading material.  Essential stuff if there place is too busy and the girls are occupied with men.
I first of all let her know I want a Thai massage, they have it down for two hours on the list for 500 baht but that’s too long a time for me.  I think two hours on Thai massage is great if you are needing a lot of attention as an old dude who is falling apart, not so for Johnny Bravo though!
So I negotiate down for one and a half hours at 400 baht.
A great big tome of a book is brought out by Mamasan, it’s a portfolio of all the girls who work for Love Teen Massage.
I briefly peruse it.  The girls look good, but I can tell it’s an airbrushed, photo-studio job on every picture.  There’s only one real way of deciding and that’s to look for myself.

I then ask for a viewing of the available Thai lady’s she has working for her this to the Mamasan and she calls out in rapid-fire Thai to a room that adjoins the reception. 
A bevy of Thai women come out, they number about eight or so, all dressed in black. 
Despite its namesake the massage parlour isn't full of teenage girls.
The reality is that the age range is more in the 20 to late 30s than at the cusp of womanhood. The
first three are not that appealing at all, one looks very mature, the other two next to her look hardened.  I narrow down the choice to a pretty-looking lass who had a friendly-vibe to her.  I make my intention known and the rest troop off back to their resting room.

Happy Time Massage

‘Dao’, the girl I pick, has a very sexy appeal which is subtle and you have to pick-up on.  I break the ice and make small talk.  She’s been in the massage game for a while, but seemed not to of let it harden or become jaded as a result.  Her hair was long, jet black and her face, while not perfect, certainly had appeal.
As is the ritual she waited outside the room until I’d taken off my clothes.  She’d gone and fetched a complimentary glass of iced water which was a nice feature for Love Teen Massage.
Quietly spoken and with an inner sweetness she gave me a massage I wouldn’t forget in a lifetime.
I’d asked for a soft Thai massage and that was what I got and then some.
It was smooth, slow and with great skill.

Once she massaged my back she removed her dress and continued in her under-wear. 
Her fine skin was darker bronze tone on the arms, but a light olive complexion on her body.
Even with the black bra her breasts were outstanding, for her size and stature they were almost over-sized for the frame. 
The remaining 45 minutes passed very slowly indeed as pretty much every nerve ending and energy –line was gently massaged and administered to.
A nice touch was that soft music is played through a speaker system into the room as the massage goes on.

Teen Massage Shower

The room was quite nicely decorated, faint pink walls that gave a vaguely tranquil vibe with wooden paneling with brick-tile flooring that was comfortable underfoot.
The bed was purpose-built with a thick, hard-mattress.  Comfortable and giving support at the same time.  Two red towels provided were there also.
Teen Massage scored additional points for having an integrated shower, which has hot water.
There was even an ashtray and telephone provided.
After the massage was finished I tipped ‘Dao’ suitably and left the establishment refreshed, energised and ready to take on the world.

Massage Quality / Style: Soft, Skillful and Sensual.

Pros - Clean, excellent facilities, customer orientated. Experienced Massage girls.

Cons - Can get busy.

Massage Rating - 8.5 out of 10.

Massage Prices:

Foot Massage Not Offered

Thai Massage 1.5 hours 400 baht.

Oil Massage 2 hours 500 baht.

Oil Massage (Two lady's) 1000 baht

Open from 1100 - 2300

Outcall service - Available.

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