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Tulip's Massage

Inside Tulips Massage:

Getting off the BTS at Thong Lor I find the massage parlor within feet of the steps.
From the outside Tulip’s is the sort of place you’d easily walk right past if you didn’t know it was there. 
No girls sit outside in the usual 'come-hither' you’d expect.  This is partly understandable with the Sukhumvit traffic belching out fume’s constantly.
The windows are frosted to a solid opaque finish.
Apart from the massage lettering on the side, you’d be hard pressed to guess what goes on in there.  No pictures of the usual imagery adorn the window front.
Inside the massage shop it’s more of a parlor set up. 

AS Massage Sign

A hair-dressers area is off to the right, a reception counter is in front of you and a big space to cross.  Almost like it’s being wasted (could do with some lounge furnishings but that’s by the by).
At the counter there’s an ugly Thai woman there .
I ask for the lady-book and a big thing with the pages taped together comes out with only two pages ‘open’.
Perusing it there’s a lady there that catches my eye and when I ask for her I get told to go downstairs.  
She’s quite blunt this moose-faced cashier and I waste no time heading away.
Not sure what to expect I step down some about red carpeted steps into the parlor zone.

There’s no glass fishbowl but a long cushioned bench that can seat around twelve to thirteen girls comfortably.
Only two are initially there sat down on the bench.
Yet, on seeing and hearing me descend, like curiously decadent cats, the rest slowly sashay from a relaxing area off to the left and they too take a seat with the duo.

I count seven in total, much less than the book’s twenty or so. 
This is a different kind of massage experience and it’s time to call upon my best judgment skills.
All eye’s are on me from the Thai ladies of the parlor.  There are some farang's who don’t like this ‘style’ and I’m among their number.  Still I’m here now and the game is on.
They look at me with varying degree’s of ‘emotion’ ranging from ignorance, apathy, to forced smiles. 
An intruder in their midst perhaps?
Then there was one smiling at the end nearest the rest-area who seemed to be looking right through me.
There was an alluring, suggestive look in her eye’s and she never dropped this longing gaze, to the point of distraction as I made my ‘analysis.’

Tulips Massage 1st Floor

I weigh up my choice of massage lady, the alluring one had it, but to be fair I gave them all a brief consideration. The age range went up to about late thirties.  Mine looked to be late twenties, early thirties.
I choose  Miss Allure and we both walk up the stairs back to Reception.
I can tell she’s one of those girls with a mild, smothering vibe. 
She ask’s what I want and I ask for Thai Massage (350 baht) for one hour.
They want me to hand over the money for the massage up front, a minor niggle.
She’s a bit sulky and shrewish now, asking if I can choose Oil Massage.

Against my 'better' judgment, and not wanting to cross her bi-polar territory I relent.
This close I can see she’s got the plaster of paris treatment on her face and a curious, lusty gleam in her eyes. 
So I hand over 400 baht and Miss Allure squeaks a bit at this and then we head upstairs  

Decor-wise the lobby is nice smooth, white tiles.  As we head upstairs It becomes worn, red carpet.  In places there are some ornaments, raising the standard a bit.  A few fake flowers, but no tulips for those of you into the flower-thing.

AS Massage 2nd Floor

There are two floors and we end up on the first floor. 
The narrow corridors will make for rubbing shoulders with other massage-goers but it’s almost deserted.  Quiet times in the massage business these days I guess.

Inside the room it’s got the business for privacy;  a private hot water shower, a decent-sized bed (quite hard, not so thick) that rattles a bit and an aircon. 
Plus of course the all important wooden door.
No lock on the door though and there’s a big peep-slot set at about 6”3. 
I guess they either have a mamasan who might want to peep-show or it’s to make sure a room’s free for use during busy times?
I snap some quick pics of the room while she goes to get her oil basket of tricks. 
I dim the lights just in case there’s any peeping eye’s that come a-callin’.
Once Miss Allure returns I can tell I’ve made a fair-choice in massage lady. 
She is ‘enbloomed’ with the ‘need’ and want’s to give me the special treatment.   
Definitely no cold fish here. 
I’ve heard Annies is pretty full-on but I guess Tulip’s is trying well to keep at the top-tier as well.
Miss Allure is attractive and not far off nympho-status.  Indeed, they don’t just want you to be a passive partner on this gig, but really go full-throttle to their tune.
I’m never one to bring down the vibes so I let her groove about and do her thing.  She’s responsive and genuinely writhing about like a courtesan in a palace.
Her body is almost like a tiny hour-glass, small hands, cute legs and a nice face.
Her ways were not far off stellar and the enthusiasm was near-limitless also.  For those who don’t like ‘forward’ women you might be a bit overwhelmed, so be sure you can man-up and don’t let the side down.

AS Massage Bed

I’d booked an hour and it was about 40 minutes of fun-time of her moving around the bed like whirling she-devil. 
After this had left her a bit exhausted she gathered herself, went to the shower and cooled down.
She then came back and gave me a half-decent thai massage.  Not Wat Po stuff, but not casual either.
She started wanting to talk about stuff too and I did that, as I could feel she was after farang and had a ‘smothering’ way.  This is no bad thing btw and add’s to this one’s skill-set.
After the massage was over I took my shower and returned to the lobby with Miss Allure leading on.
A different cashier was on-shift now, quite pretty too, in a mature way.
I make some friendly convo. and bid them farewell.
Miss Allure asks me to come back again, who can forget her, but who know’s where the next place leads in this city...


AS Massage Pic 

Massage Quality / Style: Forward, Limitless and Uninhibited.

Pros - Private Room and shower, enthusiastic moves, friendly, exotic skillset with massage skills.

Cons - Slightly higher than average pricing, massage experience somewhat dependant on judgement skills.

Massage Rating - 8.5 out of 10.

Massage Prices:

Foot Massage: Not offered

Thai Massage: 350 baht / hr

Oil Massage: 400 baht / hr

Open from 1100 - 0000 hrs

Outcall service - Available.

Tulip's Location - Sukhumvit Road, Thong Lor BTS Station, on the south-side.

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