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Ban Doi Pui

Ban Doi Pui is one of busiest hill tribe villages in Thailand owing to it being on the tourist trail from Doi Suthep and the Phu Ping Palace. The village is nestled in a valley just north-west of doi pui.
In fact to even call it a hill tribe is being generous because it's more of a market village set up for tourists nowadays than an 'authentic' hill tribe village.
Hill tribe jewelry is on sale (imported from Burma) and hill tribe outfits and handicrafts. It's not all hill tribe folk that live and work here though, ordinary thais on the look-out for the tourist coin work the stalls also. The Mong hill tribe make this village their home here.

As you come down the slope the village will be in plain view to your left the descent isn't too sharp but watch out for all the traffic zooming up and down, this place is probably one of the busiest hill tribe villages I've seen!

Ban Doi Pui Market

Market street in Ban Doi Pui, all sorts on sale here. From overpriced hill tribe wares to basic consumables like snacks and the like.

Ban Doi Pui Haggling

This hawker above in the picture was a real live wire! He kept trying to sell these lizard skins or such-like to the hi-so thai guy. The little scamp then elaborated that they are 'good for the loins!' with a gesture using his forearm and fist! The hi-so dude, however, was having none of it.

Once you get towards the edge of the market area the shanty huts and dwellings close in around you...

Hill Tribe Jewelry

This is the jewelry on display for sale at the village. The woman tells me it comes from Burma where it's then crafted into jewelry for sale here in Ban Doi Pui.

Hill Tribe Kareoke

Practice your hill tribe lingo with some kareoke, hill tribe style!

Getting to Ban Doi Pui

There's no problems on this route really the condition of the road is excellent albeit narrow and winding.

The route starts from where the exit road from Phu Ping Palace is (towards Doi Pui)....

Starting from where the road from Phu Ping Palace is; Just follow it so you are heading up the mountain (as opposed to heading back to Chiang Mai).

At the fork in the road take the left hand bend and follow it around (it's a hairpin).

Just off the to the left is a temple, but it's below the road level so you'll have to search out the path if you want to get closer.

After this right-hand bend you'll be on the final leg of the journey. The roll-over picture is where you can almost see the village of Ban Doi Pui (see roll-over pic). If you keep a keen eye raised you should be able to pick out Doi Pui summit and its viewpoint...

Road Lore: From Phu Ping Palace the journey should only take less than ten minutes to get to the village on a bike or car.


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